Prize money!

For the first time in Czech Nationals history, prize money will be awarded on stage! Even though the numbers are not unbelievable it’s definitely a start and a direction that we want Czech nationals to go. And of course, price packages will be awarded as usuall. You can expect some high end models from our precious sponsors! :)

Who is going to walk away with some cash?

  • 1A Elite: 1st place 3000,-Kč, 2nd place 2000,-Kč, 3rd place 1000,-Kč
  • X Divize: 1st place 1000,-Kč, 2nd place 300,-Kč, 3rd place 200,-Kč
  • 5A divize: 1st place 1000,-Kč, 2nd place 300,-Kč, 3rd place 200,-Kč
  • Open divize: 1st place 1000,-Kč

The total of 10,000,- Crowns will be awarded so if you are not registered yet, you have one more reason to do so!